Have you been searching for the Best laptop that can work with the Elgato Game Capture HD devices such as HD, HD 60, HD 60S, HD 60S Plus? Then look no more.

Using the Elgato Game Capture HD you can stream or record your gameplay at 1080p on popular platforms streaming platforms like TwitchYoutube, Facebook, etc. However, most of the gaming laptops support the device, but in a few of them, there’s a good chance that it might crash, lag or not work. That’s why we thought of creating this guide!

We know how important Elgato Game Capture HD is for the new age 

gamers these days. This device makes it easier to record your gameplay at 1080p and share the experience with your viewers on different platforms. That’s why we got in touch with 21 professional gamers who use it for streaming or recording their gameplay, interviewed them, asked them about the things they consider the most when buying a laptop.

After considering all the things shared by the experts, We did extensive research, tested around 73 laptops and came up with the list of 10 best laptops that work smoothly with Elgato Game Capture and provide a wonderful gameplay experience. Before we begin, you should know the system requirements for being able to use the device. Lnk